How to Link Mobile Number with Voter ID Card | Step by Step Full Process 2022

We, in this article, want to welcome all of you youth and readers who want to link their mobile number in their voter card and that is why we will tell you in detail in this article, How To Link Mobile Number With Voter ID Card?

In order to link your mobile number in your voter card, you will have to apply online with the help of Voter Helpline app, whose complete step by step application process information.

-we will provide you in this article, so that all of you can easily access your voter card. Link your mobile number in your voter card and get its benefits.

Lastly, at the end of the article, we will provide you with quick links so that you can take full advantage of it.

How To Link Mobile Number With Voter ID Card?

All of you voter card holders who want to link your mobile number with your voter card, then for this you have to follow these steps, which will be as follows –

National Voter Portal Service
  • After that you have to go to login option, you will enter username and password then you will be login
National Voter Portal Service
  • We have explained all the further information in the step by step YouTube channel video, you can go and see the complete process.
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